Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Institute & Research Centre is the apex and premier Nutrition Institute and Research Centre in the country which spearheads the planning, formulation, coordination, implementation, and promotion of Nutrition Researches research. It is one of the dynamic nutrition research and education institutions in the country to conduct researches at the community level.


Some like-minded researches and educationists decided to spread the education and practical knowledge at the root level to prevent various life-threatening diseases and congenital deformities and decided to establish the foundation for the Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Institute & Research Centre in Delhi. Under the NNHSIRC  we offer Doctorate, Bachelor and Masters, Diploma and certificate courses in regular classroom programs and also has certificate courses in Distance Learning programs, in varied categories like Nutrition & Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition, Sports and Fitness Nutrition, Childcare Nutrition and Weight Management and Slimming Therapies, incorporating comprehensive in-depth knowledge in Nutrition Sciences, Food Science, Basic and Advance Anatomy & Physiology, Dietetics, Community and Therapeutic Nutrition.

Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Institute & Research Centre has attained global recognition for its pioneering studies on various aspects of nutrition research. Institute’s activities are broad-based, encompassing the whole area of food and nutrition. The Institute has achieved close integration in its research activities between the laboratory, the clinic, and the community. We provide scope for all Medical Professional, Personal Health and care Trainers, Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian or General Health consultant, Nutrition Education, or re-certification can enhance your life and profession.

Classes and courses cover topics ranging from sports nutrition and metabolism to weight-loss techniques and plans. A nutrition course usually involves two or three classes and often leads to some type of certification. Students can also take individual classes to enhance their nutrition knowledge or skills without earning certification. Courses and classes are both inherently valuable and often work together.

While diploma programs in nutrition travel-specific roads based on areas of concentration, most certification programs offer a wide range of topics within the umbrella of nutrition and tend to appeal to a broader range of students. The course professor, teacher, or facilitator will generally be an expert in the field of nutrition and brings his/her insight into topics such as battling weight through diet, planning meals for peak athletic performance and communicating information about vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

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